Welcome to our links page, we’ve added some websites which we feel may be useful to anyone who visits this website.

Google – This search engine automated the way indexing of websites online and changed the way people search for things.

Earbuds – A website that’s focused on helping South Africans find out more about ear buds and the different types on the market.

Caravan Hire – A site that’s dedicated to caravan rentals. Whether you want to rent out your own camper van or want to hire one, this is a great place to find some basic information.

YouTube – A famous website that features various videos which people and companies post online for others to watch.

Anniversary Gifts – If you want gift ideas for an anniversary or just want to know more about this special holiday that some people celebrate once a year then you might find this site useful.

Dozen – A site that’s been created to focus on the special word that is a dozen. The number 12 appears in many places in our world, so if you want to know more about where the word “dozen” is used then this is a great starting place.

Cheap Cars – A website that’s been set up to help people to want to know more about the cheapest cars in South Africa.

Affordable Medical Aid – Whether you are a single person, couple or family and want to find out more about cheap medical aids in the country, this can be a useful website.